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Study identifies factors that lead to greater college success

Educational attainment is a national priority because it creates both economic and personal gains: higher incomes, better individual and family health and deeper civic engagement. U.S. college enrollments are increasing, suggesting greater educational attainment; however, national college completion rates are lagging behind other developed nations. Recent research suggests that U.S. college students could succeed if they are encouraged to develop a sense of belonging, a growth mindset and salient personal goals and values, according to a new national report co-authored by a Rice University psychology professor.

Sodium and magnesium to replace lithium in batteries

A project supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) aims to find new materials which can be used in rechargeable batteries and eventually provide alternatives to the current lithium batteries. Lithium-based batteries have several drawbacks, such as the limited availability of the raw material itself as well as the numerous safety issues, which are primarily associated with the use of a flammable liquid compound. This problem has been exemplified by the recurrence of exploding mobile phones.

7 Immunity boosting foods essential for your health

The common cold occurring regularly, flu and frequent infections can all be a sign of a weakened immunity, where factors such as stress a lack of sleep, poor diet and zinc deficiency can contribute to a weakened immune response, hence simple adjustments to a healthier lifestyle could immensely benefit in fixing a weaker immunity. To reap the maximum benefits organic food should be selected when possible. Here are 7 foods you can add to your diet to strengthen your immune system.

5 effective ways to get better sleep

The inability to get a good nights sleep can result in a series of ailments which include a weakened immunity, weight gain, poor concentration, cognitive decline, skin aging and many others. Sleep deprivation quite often occurs as a result of shift work and irregular sleep patterns and stress. Here are 5 ways that could possibly help you get a better nights sleep.

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