7 foods that can help you burn fat

The accumulation of fats particularly bad fats such as trans fats and saturated fats could result in detrimental health hazards. While exercise plays a crucial role in burning fat, however exercise lacking the maintenance of diet will be ineffective in losing weight. Simple steps such as keeping food out of sight and serving smaller quantities during meals and adding fat burning foods to meals could play vital roles in burning fat. Here are 7 foods that can help you burn fat.

1. Leafy greens Leafy greens particularly Spinach, Kale and many others are ideal for losing weight as they are high in nutrition along with fiber which can give you that full feeling after consumption and also high in nitrates which convert unhealthy white fat which stores calories into healthy brown fat while burning off calories.

2. Coconut oil Coconut oil has been widely used for centuries across the tropical regions of Asia, Africa and South America due to the abundance of coconuts. It is filled with a variety of nutrients which include medium-chain triglycerides that can speed metabolism hence burn fat making it the perfect option for a cooking oil.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil is another healthy option for a cooking oil which also adds flavor to salads and is delicious with bread. Olive oil is rich in mono unsaturated fats a good fat that can help eliminate bad fat and simply smelling Olive oil can help stimulate serotonin which speeds up metabolism hence helps in burning fat. To reap the maximum benefits of olive oil it is essential that you choose extra virgin olive oil which has been certified and should be kept in cool dark places to avoid oxidation and best purchased in smaller quantities.

4. Dark Chocolate Although less common than milk chocolate, dark chocolate is a great alternative for a healthy desert where its higher content of cocoa is filled with a variety of nutrition which include healthy fats known to eliminate unhealthy fats that aid in weight loss and also slow the absorption of sugar.

5. Chillies

In addition to brining out heat and adding spice the Capsaicin found in chillies play a crucial role in raising metabolic levels, Capsaicin is also present in other peppers hence adding them to your diet will aid in loosing weight.

6. Green tea

By far the healthier alternative to black tea and coffee with lower levels of caffeine, green tea is the perfect beverage for loosing weight as it is rich in catechin a flavonoid that speeds up metabolism. However for the maximum benefits to be obtained, green tea with have to be more regularly replaced with other beverages.


Quite often when we feel full it means that the hormone leptin has sent a signal to our brain indicating that we are full however leptin resistance usually results in excessive eating, this is where oats could play a huge role in combating leptin resistance which is also high in fber however if oats are consumed for breakfast excessive addition of sugar will hinder the purpose.