Lifesaving Device Providing Breath of Hope

Ramiah Martin isn’t like other little girls, and that’s perfectly fine with her mother.

“She is nothing short of a miracle,” Leanne Martin said of her daughter, who was facing long odds before her birth in December 2017, after being diagnosed with heart problems during a prenatal ultrasound. And the odds only got worse when Ramiah was born with an extremely rare developmental abnormality called tracheal agenesis — she didn’t have a trachea, or windpipe. About one in 50,000 babies worldwide are born with the condition, which is almost always fatal.

Soft Semiconductors that Stretch Like Human Skin Can Detect Ultra-low Light Levels

Flexible electronics breakthrough could enhance biosensor technology, from wearables to soft-robotic implantable systems

Semiconductors are moving away from rigid substrates, which are cut or formed into thin discs or wafers, to more flexible plastic material and even paper thanks to new material and fabrication discoveries. The trend toward more flexible substrates has led to fabrication of numerous devices, from light-emitting diodes to solar cells and transistors.