Applications Engineer/Scientist Materials Characterization Testing

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Sunnyvale, California

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Fri, 06 Nov 2020 23:59:59 GMT

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Applications Engineer/Scientist Materials Characterization & Testing
NA-United States-California-Sunnyvale
The DuPont Silicon Valley Technology Center s (SVTC) Applications
Engineering Laboratories are focused on supporting rapid prototyping
and applications development for customer-driven projects, in addition
to internal R & D initiatives. The laboratories serve a range of high
impact business sectors, including next generation touch panel
displays, rigid and flexible printed circuit boards, and high speed
The Materials Characterization & Testing Engineer or Scientist is
expected to be the on-site subject matter expert in a diverse range of
materials characterization and testing, including development of
advanced and novel test methods for a diverse and dynamic project
portfolio of applications development work typical for SVTC. Test
methods will span chemical, mechanical, and optical characterization
techniques. The successful candidate will lead not only development of
characterization and testing platforms, but also lead specific project
workflows that rely heavily on optical characterization techniques,
and optical property determination.
* Scientist/engineer specializing in materials characterization
techniques and testing, including development of
advanced/non-standard test methods for unique applications
* Adept at hands-on lab work, creative thinking, problem solving in
a unique and fast-paced applications engineering laboratory
* Lead testing and characterization research and applications
development initiatives relevant to SVTC strategic goals
* Serve as technical contact point for project workflows based
mainly in characterization, such as transparent coatings and other
optical materials produced in our cleanroom
* Lead fabrication and sample preparation efforts relevant to
testing and characterization, i.e. ion milling, surface
treatments, thermoforming, printing, and laminating
* Build, maintain, and leverage close relationships with external
metrology and analysis companies, serve as liaison when
outsourcing project work outside our site capabilities
* Provide technical support and training to other team members in
the labs, including development of technicians to support advanced
characterization techniques
* Provide technical guidance & supervision to team members
performing or developing test and characterization programs in the
* Contribute to site expansion planning for analytical capability
* Basic data analysis and statistics experience is expected
* Assist in laboratory data management system setup, administration,
and evaluation (i.e. LIMS)
* B.S. degree in engineering, preferably mechanical or materials
science, or B.S. degree in a physical science, i.e. physics or
* 2+ years of hands-on experience working in a laboratory with
analytical equipment
* Required expertise with a diverse range of analytical equipment,
spanning chemical, mechanical, and optical characterization
* M.S. degree in engineering or physical science is preferred
* Ample experience working with basic materials characterization
equipment, such as stress-strain testers, electrical conductivity
characterization, vapor permeability tester, etc.
* Ample experience working with basic inspection equipment such as
digital microscopes, white light scanners, SEMs
* Preferred experience working with advanced analytical equipment,
such interferometers, FTIR including Rahman scattering, mass
spectrometry, gas chromatography, polarimetry, light flash
analysis, dynamic mechanical analysis, rheometry
* Preferred additional experience with prototyping and fabrication,
i.e. coating and forming, including advance methods for surface
preparation/treatment, i.e. ion beam milling
* Well organized, attention to detail, excellent
presentation/communication skills
* Knowledge of laboratory data management systems is preferred
* Curiosity to learn beyond the job at hand, strong problem-solving
skills, and excited about innovation and process improvement
* Will push for improvements and innovation
* Very comfortable working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment
* Likes beer

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