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South San Francisco, California

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Mon, 14 Jun 2021 23:59:59 GMT

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Biomedical Ontology Specialist We are seeking a talented and experienced Biomedical Ontology Specialist to contribute to and help lead data management efforts in Development Sciences Informatics (DevSci Informatics) through the development of new and/or improved data standards, models, terminologies, and ontologies. Who we are: Development Sciences (DevSci) is a translational science organization that plays a critical role both in Genentech Research and Early Development (gRED) and late stage development of products at Roche. DevSci supports drug discovery and development projects across all therapeutic areas from discovery to launch (and beyond). We are poised at a unique time when large volumes of complex and varied internal and external data for DevSci areas, such as Biomarker, PK/PD, Diagnostics, Safety Assessment, and Bio-analytical, need to be readily accessible to ensure that swift analysis, interpretation, and decision making can occur. These data impact decisions in ongoing pre-clinical and clinical programs, and provide key knowledge to inform new target discovery. The DevSci Informatics (DSI) function is accountable for leading the strategy and execution around data lifecycle management, data standards, analytics infrastructure, ongoing data operations, and informatics systems. The data management team in DSI is focused on improving data quality and ensuring data are FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) through the development of new processes, standards, and solutions. Major Responsibilities and Duties: This role will be responsible for contributing to and helping drive data lifecycle management projects that enable the storage, organization, dissemination, and analytics of data in alignment with the scientific objectives of functional groups in the DevSci organization. A primary focus of this role will be in defining new processes, specifications, standards, models, terminologies, and ontologies for exploratory data generated in and used by DevSci. In the process of performing this work, the candidate will collaborate extensively with scientists, research associates, operations managers, clinical data managers, data scientists/analysts, data curators, terminology experts, and vendor representatives. As well, this individual will take an active role in aligning data standards across DevSci with global efforts at Roche. This position may or may not have direct reports. As a member of a diverse team of informatics professionals, lead planning and implementation efforts to provide informatics solutions for data management. Ensure DevSci data is generated, received, cataloged, structured, and analyzed in a timely and efficient manner to meet the needs of data consumers. In collaboration with terminology management and curation teams across Roche, support the definition of new data standards, data models, terminologies, and ontologies. Help define and establish conformance checking processes at data acquisition that leverage new data standards, data models, terminologies, and ontologies. Contribute to the establishment of cross-functional partnerships that ensure data accessibility, quality, integrity, and standards. Participate in data governance initiatives across Roche that are aimed at the standardization of data based on defined models. Ensure the delivery of relevant informatics solutions to meet functional and corporate goals. Communicate learnings and best practices across the organization. Communicate strategies, ideas, goals, and progress to the data management group and the DevSci Informatics department. Work extensively with DevSci scientists and biosample operations managers within DevSci, and collaborate frequently with clinical scientists, statisticians, data curators, terminology experts, and database specialists across the company. Competences and Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree with 5+ years relevant experience; or Master’s/PhD degree with 3+ years relevant experience; or equivalent experience. Degree in a scientific discipline preferred. Advanced degree a plus. Thorough understanding of R & D processes and the scientific data lifecycle. Evidence of business and technology acumen. Experience with scientific data management tools and techniques, informatics systems, and managing scientific stakeholder relationships. Background with complex biomedical/biomarker data (e.g. RNA-Seq, WES, Microarray, Flow Cytometry, Mass Spec, Immunoassay, Immunohistochemistry) a plus. Knowledge of the UNIX operating system, and familiarity with a scripting language (e.g., Perl or Python) or a statistical programming environment (e.g., R or SAS) is a must. Strong background in data standards, semantics, terminologies, ontologies, and best practices for data governance. Familiarity with the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data guiding principles a major plus. Familiarity with Semantic Technologies or RDF vocabularies to describe terminological knowledge (such as SKOS, SKOS-XL, Dublin Core, RDFS) a plus. Familiarity with public biomedical ontologies and standards consortiums (e.g. OBI, NCI, MedDRA, MeSH, LOINC, Uberon, RxNorm, CDISC, Allotrope, OHDSI, or FHIR) a plus. Experience working with CROs and managing contract services is preferred. Excellent people and communication skills. #DevSciInformatics #DevSci #gREDInformatics #LI-NW1 #AfroTech2020 Job Overview Organisation Roche Industry Pharmaceuticals Location South San Francisco, California Country United States Expires on 11/06/2021