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Gryphon Scientific

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Takoma Park, Maryland

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Wed, 23 Jun 2021 23:59:59 GMT

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Company Description

Gryphon Scientific is a 50-person research organization with a unique focus on physical and life sciences, public health, and emergency management. Our aim is to improve the health and safety of populations world-wide. Our projects drive policy changes in security, preparedness, and science policy at the highest levels of the US government. Abroad, we engage with international stakeholders to strengthen the capabilities of developing countries to address public health and security challenges. The energy of our small business environment, as well as our commitment to technical excellence and advanced analytic approaches, attract staff with the highest qualifications. Gryphon strongly encourages collaboration throughout the company, between junior and senior staff and across disciplines. Personal and professional development are actively supported. Gryphon boasts a laid-back workplace, a comprehensive employee benefit package, and places an emphasis on work-life balance, which has resulted in excellent employee retention. We are growing and looking for new staff members to join the Gryphon team.

Job Description

Gryphon Scientific is seeking a mentor and senior scientist in data science with a particular focus on AI and machine learning technologies. We are a small (50 person), highly specialized company that is looking for both strategic guidance and hands-on effort to build our capabilities in AI/ML.

With skills in statistics and programming and knowledge of data science and software engineering, the leader we seek will be passionate about AI and current with the latest developments in the field. Candidates will have a PhD with a focus on machine learning (ML) or adjacent fields including computer science, physics, life science analytics, statistics/mathematics, or an engineering discipline; a minimum of ten years’ experience in a government or business environment; and a record of successful applications and publications in AI/ML.



* Ability and desire to be a successful technical lead on proposals and projects that increase the scope and/or scale of AI/ML work at Gryphon. Provide leadership, technical direction, and creative analytic plans for successful business development efforts primarily in the federal government sector. We are especially interested in developing new areas of work that will complement our existing expertise.
* Serve as a coach and mentor to our analytic team of four scientists (with advanced education and experience in statistics, bioengineering, and computational biology) and two analysts with statistics and programming expertise; help this team improve their current work and push the boundaries of their technical skills into new areas.
* Serve as a Principal Investigator leading technically challenging analytic tasks and projects that involve developing and implementing ML algorithms and tools to address problems in public health, epidemiology, biostatistics and bioinformatics.
* As new projects ramp up, assist in identifying gaps in our current skill mix and fostering those skills in our existing staff or supporting the recruitment of new members of our analytic team.


Minimum Qualifications:

* PhD with a focus on machine learning (ML) or adjacent fields including computer science, physics, life science analytics, statistics/mathematics, or an engineering discipline.
* A minimum of 10 years’ experience in a government or business environment.
* A record of successful applications and publications in AI/ML.
* U.S. Citizen.
* Willingness to re-locate to the greater Washington, DC area is preferred, but not required.

Required Skills:

* Knowledge of the government contracting environment and demonstrated experience developing and leading government-sponsored research involving AI/ML.
* Preferred but not essential is domain expertise relevant to Gryphon’s work in public health, epidemiology, or life science analytics including biostatistics and bioinformatics.
* More important than domain expertise is experience using cutting edge methods in data science.
* Significant experience visualizing and manipulating big data sets and expertise supervising programming teams.
* An active security clearance or ability to obtain such is preferred but not essential.


Why Consider Gryphon Scientific?

* Gryphon offers a competitive benefits package including 401(k), fully subsidized employee health insurance, and performance and profit-sharing bonuses.
* Gryphon Scientific is a place that actively encourages intellectual engagement and provides analytical challenges on a wide range of projects.
* Gryphon Scientific boasts a friendly, laid-back work environment. The dress code is casual. Gryphon employees often take afternoon walks to the local ice cream or coffee shop.
* Mentorship is taken seriously at Gryphon Scientific. There is an open-door policy for all staff, meaning you can ask for advice from any staff member, from the owner of the company to your manager to junior staff.
* Work-life balance and a pleasant work environment are a priority. All staff work in offices; there is not a cubicle in sight!
* We encourage all senior staff to participate in business development efforts and the company supports senior staff pursuing work in their areas of interest.
* Gryphon supports professional development including tuition reimbursement, conference attendance and career specific training.