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Tue, 15 Jun 2021 23:59:59 GMT

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Why choose between doing meaningful work and having a fulfilling life? At MITRE, you can have both. That’s because MITRE people are committed to tackling our nation’s toughest challengesand we’re committed to the long-term well-being of our employees. MITRE is different from most technology companies. We are a not-for-profit corporation chartered to work for the public interest, with no commercial conflicts to influence what we do. The R & D centers we operate for the government create lasting impact in fields as diverse as cybersecurity, healthcare, aviation, defense, and enterprise transformation. We’re making a difference every dayworking for a safer, healthier, and more secure nation and world. Our workplace reflects our values. We offer competitive benefits, exceptional professional development opportunities, and a culture of innovation that embraces diversity, inclusion, flexibility, collaboration, and career growth. If this sounds like the choice you want to make, then choose MITREand make a difference with us. Through the Health federally- funded research and development center (FFRDC), MITRE exclusively serves in the public interest and helps to bring world-class expertise to bear on key challenges facing the nation. MITRE operates the Health FFRDC on behalf of US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). MITRE serves as an objective, independent, not for profit advisor supporting many of the complex analysis and critical thinking requirements that encompass business, policy, technology, and operational interests across HHS. The Health FFRDC is growing rapidly, particularly through increasing engagements with federal public health agencies around how to leverage clinical data to support public health activities. These efforts are exceptional opportunities to have a substantial impact on public health matters of national and international importance. MITRE is seeking additional staff skilled in clinical informatics to work on Health FFRDC engagements that will have a marked and long-lasting impact on the health of the American people and interests. The MITRE corporation is seeking to vigorously pursue the area of Climate Data Science, specifically the impact of climate on health for MITRE’s health-focused sponsors in the federal government. This effort, in its initial phase, will involve a considerable degree of planning and preliminary exploration, leading to the generation and execution of direct work. It is also hoped that this area of investigation will be used to pursue vital outcomes across a variety of appropriate FFRDC sponsors (e.g., USDA) to help drive scientific advancements that serve the public interest. The successful candidate will be a thought leader empowered to shape and pursue a comprehensive vision of this area for MITRE and federal sponsors, with considerable autonomy and accountability. It is understood that as a non-profit, non-partisan entity working in the public good, MITRE uses data to make informed decisions and planning regardless of preconceived notions and informed by scientific causal rigor. Individuals With Experience In Studying Or Engaging In The Following Areas Of Potential Impact Of Climate Change On Human Health Are Encouraged To Apply – Effect on human health directly, including heat, air quality, change in food nutrition content or yield, or other directly relevant factors. – Effect on vector borne diseases, and the disease vector organisms themselves. – Potential increases in the permissive ranges of known human pathogens. – Effect of (non-pathogen, non-vector) biodiversity and other ecosystem perturbances, including impacts to food production yields or nutritional value. – Effect of atmospheric conditions, including but not limited to ozone and particulates. – Impacts of any of the above especially on vulnerable populations. – Methods to improve response to, or resilience in the face of these issues. – Effects of climate change on weather events such as rainfall/drought, storms, temperature, etc. – Effects of climate change on sea levels, flooding, and ice loss – Effects of climate change on ongoing human activities, including constructions, power generation and use, and basic resource extraction. – Effect of atmospheric conditions, including but not limited to ozone and particulates, on climate change overall. Specific Duties May Include The Following – Identify and help to secure access to appropriate data sets – both public and private – Lead the development of advanced algorithms and analytic models to predict the effects of climate change on human health, on one or more of the dimensions listed above, building on existing models and approaches. – Identify and pursue appropriate collaboration opportunities with external entities in academia or non-profit spaces outside of MITRE, as well as internal MITRE entities. – Innovate on the use of data and visualizations. – Establish a clear consensus with the leadership and executives within MITRE regarding the utility of proposed analytic approaches. – Presenting and/or publishing externally Qualifications Might Include Some Or All The Following – A graduate degree in an appropriate field, which may include data science, medicine, epidemiology, biology, computer science, mathematics, statistics, veterinary medicine, or equivalent. The successful candidate’s credentials are likely to include several of these educational or professional areas. – Work and/or research experience with one or more forms of algorithmic development, machine learning, or AI applicable to this space. – Demonstrated experience in establishing successful collaborations across public and private entities. – Relevant recent (i.e., preferably in the last 5 years) publications in peer-reviewed journals. – Experience working at, or with, NIEHS, WHO, Harvard Global Health Institute, or well-respected academic or private industry organizations. – Experience working with publicly available socio-demographic data, including US Census data, local government data, and publicly available geographic data. This Requisition Requires The Following Clearance(s) MITRE is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. MITRE recruits, employs, trains, compensates, and promotes regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender expression, sexual identity, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status. MITRE intends to maintain a website that is fully accessible to all individuals. If you are unable to search or apply for jobs and would like to request a reasonable accommodation for any part of MITRE’s employment process, please contact MITRE’s Recruiting Help Line at or email at . Copyright 1997-2021, The MITRE Corporation. All rights reserved. MITRE is a registered trademark of The MITRE Corporation. Material on this site may be copied and distributed with permission only.