Forensic Science Institute, Full Time, Tenure-Track Assistant/Associate Professor

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University of Central Oklahoma

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Edmond, Oklahoma

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Fri, 06 Nov 2020 23:59:59 GMT

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Description :
The Forensic Science Institute (FSI) at the University of Central Oklahoma is dedicated to comprehensive training and research, for students, professionals and first responders in all aspects of evidence collection, preservation, analysis, reporting and testimony. The Institute is a leading provider of forensic science education at the undergraduate and graduate level through a robust, interdisciplinary program. UCO has the only undergraduate program in North America accredited by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC) in all eligible disciplines to include Forensic Molecular Biology, Forensic Chemistry, and Digital Forensics. UCO, along with Eastern Kentucky University, were the first and still only programs to be accredited in Digital Forensics at the undergraduate level. The Forensic Science Institute has an experienced faculty representing international and national leaders in their respective fields.
Department Specific Essential Job Functions: The selectee will teach undergraduate and graduate courses in forensic science as well as other courses related to their discipline within an appropriate department at UCO. The selectee will assist the Director, FSI, in forensic science curriculum development of new courses in their area of expertise. This curriculum will also include instruction in the area of legal requirements associated with the analysis of evidence in criminal cases and expert witness testimony regarding crime scene and/or analytical efforts in a courtroom setting. The selectee will also be familiar with standards and accrediting bodies within their respective disciplines to include the Daubert standards related to evidence admission in courtrooms. The selectee will develop and coordinate field-training exercises for students as well as law enforcement and public safety personnel in their discipline and develop and coordinate the curriculum and offering of training in their area of expertise. The selectee will assist in the development of in-service training, career training, and continuing education in the forensic sciences. Teaching, research, departmental/school and university service are expected as defined by the tenure and promotion policy in the UCO Faculty Handbook. The selectee will participate in undergraduate and graduate research activities, such as but not limited to, mentoring graduate projects and theses, Oklahoma Research Day, NCUR, and external funding opportunities. The selectee will serve on department, college, and university committees as requested. This is a full-time, tenure-track position.
Qualifications/Experience Preferred: A doctoral degree in an appropriate forensic science discipline is preferred although applicants with considerable professional experience at the Master’s degree level will be considered. Previous teaching and mentoring experience in a forensic science discipline at the college or university level is preferred. Previous professional experience in the practical forensic application in one or more of the following: impression analyses, physical/biological anthropology, chemistry/toxicology, crime scene processing/management, or trace materials examination is preferred. The candidate should have an excellent record in teaching and research as well as having made significant contributions to the scientific literature related to their area of experience. Expert testimony in the field of experience is highly desirable. Professional experience in the investigation of violent crimes and the application of novel methods in evidence collection is highly desirable as is major crime scene processing experience. The selectee is expected to have significant ties to the professional and/or academic community related to his/her area of expertise.
Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: Expertise in the area(s) of one or more of the following:
Crime Scene Processing, Reconstruction and Management
Impression Evidence to include Fingerprint Analysis or Firearm/Toolmark Analysis
Trace Materials Analysis
Forensic Chemistry/Toxicology
Physical/Biological Anthropology
Professional experience in the forensic application in one or more of the above-listed disciplines.
Experience in expert testimony in the applicant’s field of expertise.
Professional experience in the investigation of violent crimes and the application of their discipline in evidence collection.