Genentech Scientific Research/Senior Scientific Researcher (Contractor)

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South San Francisco, California

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Sat, 24 Apr 2021 23:59:59 GMT

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We are seeking a highly motivated contractor for Scientific Researcher/Senior Scientific Researcher position at Genentech Department of biochemical and cellular pharmacology. This is a contractor position for at least 1 year can potentially be up to 3 years. The contractor will lead cellular functional assays and/or biochemical studies within a couple drug development projects focused on neurodegeneration diseases. The successful candidate will be responsible for conceiving and executing cellular, biochemical, and molecular biology techniques to generate various cell based or biochemical assay addressing the project needs to screen or characterize properties of therapeutic molecules for drug selection and/or further development. Successful candidate will also learn to regularly maintain the iPSC human neuron platform which supplies the human neurons for the lab to conduct cell based for various drug discovery and development project.

The position will involve close collaboration with study coordination with other research labs including, Neuroscience, Translational Neuroscience, Protein Chemistry, Safety/Toxicology, Biomedical Imaging, and other core drug development groups. This position will offer opportunity to learn and work on how to support early stage research and development projects by participating regular project team meetings. The contractor will attend bi-weekly project team meeting to present experimental results & conclusions and discuss next step with team.

This is an ideal position for a Scientific research/Senior Scientific Researcher who is enthusiastic about leading projects, gaining drug development experience, and delving into the basic biology of neurodegeneration. As such the position requires excellent communication skills, the desire to learn about and integrate multiple aspects of drug development and a passion for generating therapeutics for patients. Ability to work in a fast-paced and agility to adapt changing direction in a drug development environment is essential for success.

Based on experience and skill level, appropriate expectations and compensation will be offered. Depending on experience and growing performance, there is opportunity for increasing leadership role. Depending on the skill level, some on the job training will be offered.


* BS/MS degree in a relevant field (Neuroscience, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology).
* Hands on experience in mammalian cell culture
* Primary neuron culture experience is plus
* Experience with human iPSC, maintenance, and neuronal differentiation is a plus
* RT-PCR/Taqman assays
* Experience in assay design and trouble shooting
* Ability to pay attention to details, and follow previously established assay protocols.
* Self-starter, able to multi-task, and meet timelines efficiently and productively with excellent time management and organizational skills.
* Strong verbal communication, writing, and listening skills, as well as interpersonal skills
* Excellent skills in organization and flexibility
* Must be a highly motivated team player and work well with others
* Strong analytical skills.
* Strong collaborative skills and enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary project team environment.
* Creative and inquisitive thinker who is eager to explore and learn new skill
* Experience with microscopy and/or high content image analysis is a plus
* Familiarity with automated or semi-automated liquid handling instrumentation is a plus, on the job training will be provided.