Genomic Curator Quality Scientist

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Company :
Golden Helix Inc

Location :
Bozeman, Montana

Expiry Date :
Fri, 06 Nov 2020 23:59:59 GMT

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Open Link

Description :
Expand and maintain Golden Helix s lead as curators of the largest reposito
of clinical and research genomic data. Master the capabilities of Golden Helix
genomic analysis software to ensure the quality of new and changing features in
conjunction with the development efforts of the product team.

* Understand and make editorial decisions on genomic data source to prepare
them for use in clinical genetic testing and research contexts
* Wrangle raw genomic data files into forms ready for usage in Golden Helix
* Write one-off scripts to manipulate and harmonize genomic data for
product integration
* Write code or run existing tools to simulated genomic datasets that
exercise the software feature under test
* Write blog posts on new capabilities, FAQs and data curation achievements

* Help develop and run a quality process that covers Golden Helix s
products and bundled data
* Master the new and changing capabilities of Golden Helix s software t
ensure their quality
* Discover edge cases, off-by-one issues, resource limitations, and rare
conditions in which the product does not perform nominally.
* Prepare technical documentation for genomic scientists and clinical
geneticists to perform their duties using Golden Helix software
* Work closely with the product team in the entire lifecycle of bugs and
* Investigate customer problems referred by Field Application Scientists.
* Other duties as directed.

* Must have ability to work for any US employer without restrictions
* PhD or equivalent experience in Molecular Biology, Cancer Biology,
Oncological Science, Molecular Genetics or related field. An M.S. in
Bioinformatics with hands-on research experience and NGS domain expertise
also encouraged to apply.
* Exquisite attention to detail, with a knack for identifying discrepancies
or mistakes
* Experience in Python and command-line bash shell scripting or equivalent
* Track record of written and oral communication experience, such as
publications, grant applications, and conference presentations
* Well organized, task-oriented and willingness to take ownership of the
quality of a complex product, including performing manual and hands-on

The Genomic Curator Quality Scientist will be measured on:
* Correct transformation and representation of curated data sources
* Quality of products in versioned releases
* Timely completion of tasks in regards to the software release schedule.

Contact Information
If you are interested in this challenging and rewarding position with a fun and
exciting company, please send your resume and cover letter to
. We look forward to hearing from you!
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