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Company :
University of California – San Diego Medical Centers

Location :
San Diego, California

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Mon, 16 Nov 2020 23:59:59 GMT

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Description :
UCSD Layoff from Career Appointment: Apply by 10/20/20 for
consideration with preference for rehire. All layoff applicants should
contact their Employment Advisor.
Special Selection Applicants: Apply by 10/29/20. Eligible Special
Selection clients should contact their Disability Counselor for
This laboratory studies the biology and genetics of blood cancers.
Receives and processed samples from patients, conduct experiments
according to established protocols, and perform studies on cell lines
all in order to better understand how blood cancers develop and
Under supervision, responsibilities in the lab include assisting with
experiments at the bench, processing primary patient samples,
maintaining cell lines in tissue culture, and collecting data. In
addition, samples may be sent for biobanking and genetic sequencing
requiring maintenance of a database of clinical data and digital data
storage for results. Biobanking requires the consent of patients
obtained through IRB approved protocols. The incumbent assists with
writing protocols, obtaining consent from patients, and maintaining
the database of clinical information associated with samples from
consenting patients.
Incumbent assists with molecular biology & biochemistry techniques
including DNA, RNA isolation, PCR, ELISAs, DNA sequencing, microarray
chip technology, and flow cytometry. Must be willing to learn
enzymatic restriction procedures, cloning, ligation, transformation,
HiSpeed plasmid purification, calciumphosphate transfection, Western
Blot, and gain knowledge of Human Cytogenetics. Also assist with
preparing complex reagents and media, process patient blood samples
and record patient results in a data base. Maintain laboratory
equipment, order supplies, and maintain accurate records of all
experiments. Assist other lab members with projects in order to gather
data for publications.
Theoretical knowledge of molecular biology.
Ability to perform basic molecular biology techniques including
RNA, PCR, DNA, CDNA, Microarray technology, agarose gel
electrophoresis and sequencing techniques.
Ability to establish and maintain tissue culture. Ability to
prepare reagents and media, processing patient blood samples.
Knowledge of sterile tissue culture techniques. Ability to prepare
reagents, solutions and basic chemistry (PH & molarity).
Thorough knowledge of maintaining a database of tissue samples and
clinical information.
Knowledge of research protocol (in order to follow protocols to
screen patients for eligibility, initiate treatment plan, collect
specimens, and orient participating physicians).
Under supervision, assist in interpreting them to determine
patient eligibility and potential toxicities. Ability to adhere to
established UCSD guidelines for safety and environmental issues.
Ability to assist with medical assessment and patient interviewing
to determine toxicities related to protocol management.
Demonstrated knowledge of flow cytometry.
Knowledge of laboratory procedures and values. Ability to read,
comprehend, and discuss research materials. Ability to conduct
library research.
Strong communication skills (verbal and written) needed to
interact professionally and effectively in the work environment.
Effectively and accurately document research procedures.
Excellent interpersonal skills in order to interact and
communicate with nurses in the patient clinic.
Strong organizational skills and attention to detail in order to
accurately record, analyze and interpret data and patient samples.
Ability to appropriately handle highly sensitive and confidential
matters with faculty and staff.
* Bachelor’s Degree in Biology or related field.
* Experience working with samples from patients with various blood
* Employment is subject to a criminal background check and
pre-employment physical.
* Ability to work with human samples including blood.