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Easton, Pennsylvania

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Sun, 25 Apr 2021 23:59:59 GMT

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Description Working in a Engineering Research and Development Laboratory with the responsibility of machining and fabricating high-quality components and prototypes to maintain initiative and project timelines for new product or process introductions. This includes ensuring that all dimensional standards and requirements are met during the prototype construction stage. Creative input is required frequently, as prototype specifications are often incomplete during early project development. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: 1. Set up and operate machine tools including but not limited to the following: – Milling Machines & Machining Centers (manual and CNC controlled) – Engine & Slant Bed Lathes (manual and CNC controlled) – Surface Grinder – Drill Presses – Tool & Cutter Grinders – Cut-off Saw/ Band Saw/ Abrasive Saw 2. Use all applicable hand tools including: Micrometers (inside/outside), calipers, height gages, depth gages, etc. 3. Machine prototype components from 3-D model files supplied from Engineering Design 4. Using creativity and self-direction in designing, machining, and testing of prototypes and fixtures when standard methods do not apply 5. Machine components or prototypes to supplied Engineering blueprints within specified tolerance requirements 6. Provide innovative input, as appropriate, to Engineering staff to help meet overall program goals 7. Determine all necessary equipment and operating parameters necessary to achieve completion of assignments including; end mills, inserts, drills, reamers, fixturing, cutting speeds, surface finishes, etc. 8. Design and construct fixtures for aiding in the machining process as necessary 9. Perform bench work with hand tools as necessary 10. Perform maintenance on machine tools, equipment, and work area to maintain a proper work environment 11. Set up displays and perform demonstrations for Sales Department and customers 12. Ability to work from written or verbal instructions 13. Perform Technical Lab functions as necessary (hydro testing, inspection, pattern approvals, etc.) 14. Willingness to travel 15. Maintain a professional, organized, clean work area in the lab environment in accordance with Lean initiatives 16. Log and estimate all hours using Liquid Planner (LP) and use LP as a primary communication tool 17. Specific policies and procedures have been established by the Engineering Department to provide for the security and accessibility of electronic data and confidential information. It is the responsibility of the employee, in the daily course of doing business, to follow said policies as they relate to document management (see EOG-26). The extent to which departmental research and development information is stored electronically has vastly increased and will continue to do so. The new Federal rules pertaining to electronic discovery stipulate that substantive email communications constituted ‘records’ under the Federal Records Act. It is therefore the responsibility of each departmental employee to understand their role in communicating via e-mails and that all e-mails must be written/responded to in a professional manner, as outlined in EOG-26 18. Follow ALL safety procedures and guidelines Qualifications: 1. High school graduate 2. Proficient in blueprint reading, assembly drawings, shop math, geometry, and use of precision measuring instruments 3. Proficient in bench work including drilling, tapping, filing, assembly, and inspection of components for form, fit, and function 4. Minimum of eight years of machine shop or related experience 5. Ability to set up, operate, and maintain all Lab machine tools in a proper and safe operating manner 6. The ability to operate or adapt to the use of CNC controlled machine tools including programming, set-up, and proper operating parameters required to safely operate this equipment 7. Mastercam experience preferred