Ontology Engineer – Healthcare / Biomedical Domain

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Denver, Colorado

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Fri, 16 Apr 2021 23:59:59 GMT

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Olives AI workforce is built to fix our broken healthcare system by addressing healthcares most burdensome issues — delivering hospitals and health systems increased revenue, reduced costs, and increased capacity. People feel lost in the system today and healthcare employees are essentially working in the dark due to outdated technology that creates a lack of shared knowledge and siloed data. Olive is designed to drive connections, shining a new light on the broken healthcare processes that stand between providers and patient care. She uses AI to reveal life-changing insights that make healthcare more efficient, affordable and effective. Olives vision is to unleash a trillion dollars of hidden potential within healthcare by connecting its disconnected systems. Olive is improving healthcare operations today, so everyone can benefit from a healthier industry tomorrow.

Deep Purple is the culmination of all the data and knowledge Olive is gathering as she performs a variety of job functions for many healthcare providers. Deep Purples makes the data and knowledge collected by Olive accessible and manageable to help drive business decisions and allow existing Olive digital workers to become smarter over time.

The Deep Purple Search team is responsible for building the knowledge graph encompassing all of the data in Deep Purple (including external datasets brought in), facilitating graph querying and semantic searching, and applying both ontologies and inference pipelines. Our Search Engineers are constantly trying to find and push the limits of our internal knowledge graph, applying and extending recent research, and expanding the capabilities of our Search APIs.

Olives brain requires knowledge to be not only queryable, but also densely connected. Through ontologies we relate entities to one another and to attributes, and these ontologies need to be engineered to be consistent and extensible. Our pursuit is to create a unified, internal ontology system for all of the memories that Olive has. The Ontology Engineer is responsible for creating this ontology system, engaging with all relevant areas of our business in order to uncover the deep semantics present in our collective mind, and evangelize the value of this ontological representation.


* Create, maintain, and continuously improve our internal ontology system
* Develop methods for connecting external knowledge (both to additional external sources and our own internal graph) by creating additional ontology systems and identifying links between the disparate systems
* Work in a highly collaborative fashion with Knowledge Graph engineers to ensure adherence to our ontology system and identify methods for increasing the reasoning capabilities of our inference system
* Act as the internal domain expert for semantic knowledge relations and methods for adding business value with our knowledge base
* Ensure that terminologies and ontologies provide adequate domain coverage and are compatible with relevant Information standards.
* Work with business and domain experts to develop and evolve ontology system
* Develop high-quality technical documentation about terminologies and ontologies, including detailed descriptions of the terminology content and its associated models and processes.
* Work collaboratively with other technical teams on knowledge-engineering focused projects
* Evangelize the value of our knowledge, not just the knowledge graph, and how an ontological view of our data increases our ability to use it and extend it