Protein Scientist

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Company :
Affinity Executive Search

Location :
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Expiry Date :
Fri, 05 Feb 2021 23:59:59 GMT

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Description :
My client is expanding and seeks a Protein Scientist to join their team. The ideal candidate will design, produce and purify proteins. This person will take on the following tasks:

* Design and source DNA constructs used for protein expression and purification
* Establish and maintain instrumentation and laboratory equipment and supplies necessary for protein production and purification
* Conduct protein expression and purification work to generate reagents to support biologics and small molecule drug discovery
* Formulate screening and selection strategies for protein engineering
* Work independently on the design and execution of experiments and collaborate closely with cross-functional project teams

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualities:

* Proven track record and relevant industry experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, or bioengineering-related field
* Extensive knowledge of protein structure and function, and ability to design expression vectors for a variety of protein expression systems
* Experience setting up and running a diverse range of systems (e.g., in vitro, bacterial, insect, mammalian) for transfection and expression of proteins
* Experience with protein purification and characterization
* Exceptional communication skills coupled with strong quantitative analysis skills
* Knowledge of discovery and affinity maturation of antibodies using phage panning
* Knowledge of plate-based biochemical reactions (e.g., ELISA, enzyme reactions, protein binding) to evaluate protein binding and function