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Northwestern University

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Evanston, Illinois

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Sun, 08 Nov 2020 23:59:59 GMT

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– Western blot
– Cell culture
– Transfection
– Molecular biology
– High school diploma or GED

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Conducts tests and procedures; sets up and operates equipment; records observations and measurements and collects and compiles data in a research lab; requires a practical understanding of a limited number of standard scientific techniques.

Basic responsibilities will include the preparation of various gene constructs using current molecular cloning strategies, DNA sequencing submission and results analysis, and the transformation of bacterial strains and their maintenance. Accordingly, applicants should have experience and a strong understanding of the principles and techniques of molecular biology. These include specifically, familiarity with the elements of plasmid design and propagation in bacteria, and gene construction methods such as directional, Golden Gate, and Gibson assembly. itional responsibilities will involve preparing bacterial cultures for protein expression, inoculation, induction, cell harvesting of expression cultures, protein isolation and purification. Qualified candidates will have experience with at least some of these procedures. Ideal candidates would also have experience preparing protein reagents for use in cell-based experiments and / or experience performing cell-based assays.

This is a one year termed position subject to renewal dependent on performance and available funding

Specific Responsibilities:
Follows pre-defined protocols, policies, procedure, regulations, Good Clinical and Good Laboratory Practices and conducts standard and repetitive experiments and completes basic trouble-shooting techniques.
Sets-up, operates and maintains standard lab equipment.
Using an entry level of skill, completes the following activities (please highlight):

Molecular Biology:
DNA, RNA, Protein isolation, purification and expression Southern, Northern, Western blotting
Plasmid preparation
Cloning, mapping and sequencing of DNA

Cellular Biology:
Cell culture, cell isolation
Functional studies

Flow cytometry
ELISA, Elispot assay
Cytokine assay
Antibody production and purification

Tissue fixation/processing: embedding, preparation of blocks and sectioning, staining
Records test results and may maintain databases.
Completes standard and routine clerical duties such as copying, filing, data entry, word processing, etc.
Maintains inventory of reagents, mice and lab supplies

Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
HS diploma or equivalent and some basic science courses is required.

Minimum Competencies:
Applicants should have some proficiency with DNA editing, protein expression and purification, and basic word processing and spreadsheet software.

Preferred Qualifications:
Applicants should have some proficiency with DNA editing, protein expression and purification, and basic word processing and spreadsheet software.

Preferred Competencies:
Cell-based assays and techniques of cell culture and maintenance. Knowledge and proficiency with biophysical techniques such as ELISA, FACS, etc
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