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Manifold Bio

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Boston, Massachusetts

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Tue, 15 Dec 2020 23:59:59 GMT

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Scientist, Biology Manifold Bio is a well-funded, VC-backed biotech startup with a mission to invent next-generation technologies to design drugs that will improve and save patient lives.Our founders come from George Church s lab at Harvard Medical School and are innovators in leveraging DNA technologies to engineer biological systems. We are located in the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab, a well-equipped modern lab space with a rich community of companies building cutting-edge technologies. Position We are seeking a scientist excited to join a creative, fast-paced, and collaborative team. Together, we ll build multiplexed protein quantitation technologies that massively increase the throughput of testing protein therapeutic designs and fundamentally change the current paradigm of drug development. The ideal candidate will have deep technical expertise in protein and/or molecular biology and a track record of designing and executing experiments. Experience in learning, deploying, and inventing new methods would additionally be valuable. You will work directly with the CSO to define, execute, and iterate on projects and help build out an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers. Responsibilities * Develop novel protein engineering platform technologies * Design and clone DNA libraries of synthetic proteins at megascale efficiency * Leverage NGS technologies to measure millions of variants * Apply the protein measurement platform to application areas both in vitro andin vivo * Build out the lab and experimental workflows in a way that optimizes productivity and efficiency Required Qualifications * PhD or equivalent experience in protein and or molecular biology, biological engineering or a related field * Experience with assay development and optimization (ideally in library/ screening context) * 5+ years hands-on molecular biology wet lab experience * Collaborative, curious, flexible, and strong communication skills * A deep passion for science and developing new methods Why you might be a good fit * Experience with DMS, MPRA, CRISPR screening, cancer screens, single cell sequencing, or any other screening-based method with an NGS readout * Experience designing or working with libraries of DNA, protein, gRNAs, or promoter regions to assay in multiplex * Experience with phage/yeast/mammalian display or similar * Experience with Flow/FACS-based quantitative assays * Experience with protein assays, e.g. production, purification, QC, Chromatography (Affinity, Size, Ionic etc) and detection (PAGE/ELISA/ Blots), in high throughput context If you re excited to build a platform that combines these technologies, please reach out to . We value different experiences and different ways of thinking and believe the most talented teams are built by bringing together people of diverse cultures, genders, and backgrounds. Show moreShow less