Senior Scientist, Adoptive Cell Therapy

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Company :
KSQ Therapeutics

Location :
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Expiry Date :
Fri, 26 Mar 2021 23:59:59 GMT

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Description :
At KSQ Therapeutics, we seek to understand the role of every human gene in each disease, each tissue, and each cell that we study. This comprehensive approach has resulted in a massive, experimentally derived dataset that we have found to be remarkably predictive of past successes and failures in oncology and immuno-oncology product development. Utilizing this approach, we also identified a number of opportunities for the development of new medicines. As a result, we have aggressively invested in these distinct, highly validated pathways for new drug development with the expectation that the medicines we create may become the next breakthrough products for patients.

Founded in late 2015, KSQ is a preclinical-stage biotech in Kendall Square that has rapidly advanced the field of CRISPR-enabled functional genomics, from in vitro cell autonomous screens to more complex genome-scale screens of immune cells in vivo. The company has expanded the scope of its technology to include multiple cell types and to unlock areas beyond oncology. KSQ is led by a team of accomplished industry experts in drug discovery and development. We maintain a lively and inquisitive environment in the heart of the vibrant Kendall Square (KSQ) neighborhood.

Position Summary:

KSQ Therapeutics, Inc. is seeking a self-motivated and dependable Senior Scientist to join our Immunobiology team working on NK and T cell adoptive cell therapy.

Key responsibilities will include the following:

* Perform cutting-edge research in immunology to discover and validate novel knock-out targets and mechanisms that contribute to enhanced NK cell function
* Provide technical leadership across target discovery, target validation, and drug development projects
* Interface with internal functional groups and external collaborators
* Extend internal immunology capabilities through external industrial and academic collaborations
* Develop and deliver scientific presentations and reports in a fast and efficient manner


* PhD in immunology or related discipline with 2+ years of post-doctoral experience
* 0-2 years of experience in a biopharmaceutical setting
* Hands-on experience with isolation and characterization of primary immune cells. Genetic manipulation of primary cells is a plus (gene editing, lentivirus, etc.)
* Experience in standard immunological assays, including functional assays with primary immune cells, multi-parameter flow cytometry, cytotoxicity assays, etc.
* Experience with basic molecular biology (RNA/DNA isolation, quantification, PCR-based assays, etc.)
* Background in adoptive cell therapy is desirable
* Experience participating on pre-clinical drug discovery projects a plus
* Strong organizational skills, flexibility, and ability to handle multiple projects at the same time
* Excellent verbal and written communication, attention to detail, and interpersonal skills to work in a team-oriented and multidisciplinary environment
* Demonstrated ability to think critically and creatively as part of a fast-paced research team

* Proven track record of success in immunology or related field and the capacity to work effectively with minimal supervision and achieve goals on time