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Company : ProPetro Holding Corp

Country: United States

Location : Midland, Texas

Post: Wed, 01 Feb 2023 20:40:34 GMT

Expires: Wed, 01 Mar 2023 23:59:59 GMT

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—————————— Job Description ——————————

Understand when to apply personal protective equipment (PPE, e.g. acid gloves, latex/nitrile gloves, impact gloves, chemical apron, hard hat face shield, safety glasses, goggles, respirator, maintain proper personal hygiene).
Follow all written policies and procedures safely without deviation or refer to upper management for guidance on any issues and/or concerns that may present themselves prior to testing.
Knowledge of basic and advanced fracturing fluid systems, chemicals, third-party chemicals, diverters and any other applications of hydraulic fracturing that ProPetro Services Inc. provides to current clients and/or future.
Develop and performs methods using Gas Chromatography, florescence spectrometry, melt index and film extrusion
Assess summary reports and interpret any outstanding samples
Check calibration on all designated instruments/equipment and performs calibrations as required
Be proficient on ICP (inductively coupled plasma), IC (ion chromatography), FTIR (fourier transform infrared) equipment already established in lab setting
Accurately and correctly log all water samples, oil samples and chemicals samples delivered to the ProPetro Services, Inc. laboratory for pre-job testing verifications(s) and to provide recommendations
Accurately and punctually perform water analysis in reference to both fresh and produced water; sample should be tested as soon as a sample provided and made available to ensure accuracy.
Ability to successfully perform flow loop testing to provide verification of friction reducer(s) selected for the job by current clients and future customers as well.
Give and provide recommendations based on findings of water analysis and flow loop testing to clients to ensure successful stimulation of well(s) given to ProPetro Services, Inc. that will be cost effective for clients and the company.
Ability to successfully perform testing in heat bath to provide information of emulsion, settling testing and separation testing of frac fluid chemicals used on jobs for clients.
Able to successfully test for H2S and provide insight/recommendations to clients and company of same test findings to eliminate the risk of being exposed to this hazard.
Ability to successfully and safely use the following chemicals when performing a water analysis:

HCl Acid Phenolphthalein

EDTA Sodium Hypochlorite

Silver Nitrate (.0282 and .282) Ferric Iron

Potassium Permanganate Lead Acetate

Ability to successfully perform pH (potential hydrogen); a testing method to figure the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a logarithmic scale.
Ability to successfully perform sand sieve analysis and know how to determine a pass or fail percentage tolerance.
Ability to perform ProBor Stability and Break test accurately and provide proper loadings for designated chemicals to correlate with water analysis for the job.
Ability to successfully develop laboratory reports to provide all testing information to clients as to how their fluid samples tested and what recommendations will be made to avoid costly failures.
Employee must be able to effectively communicate with operations engineering department in reference to fluid design systems for all jobs.
Employee should be well versed in reference to hydraulic fracturing chemicals and must be well organized in all aspects of testing applications, testing results, generating reports and keeping chemicals well organized.
Quick give guidance to field personnel to resolve issues regarding issues with frac fluid system for all jobs that are given to ProPetro Services, Inc.
Must be able to effectively communicate with supervisor and company representative and/or company clients.
Maintain safety standards all company work related settings.
Order through internal process, any replacement inventory needed as required by job.
Able to mechanically work on some laboratory equipment.
Able to drive safely to and from job location thru out the Permian Basin, West Texas and southern New Mexico.
Able to work late hours when required for testing completions for clients.
Able to lift 25 lbs. to waist level.
And other duties as assigned.
Clean Driving Record
Clear background check
Chemical degree from an accredited university.
Understand use and safe handling of laboratory equipment and instrument software.
Proficient in Microsoft Office/Excel ability to learn software
2+ years frac fluids field and/or frac fluids laboratory experience preferred.
Knowledge of hydraulic fracturing equipment (blender, hydration, C-10)
Fluid Technician/Lab Technician: 3+ years
Fracturing Stimulation: 4 years

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