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—————————— Job Description ——————————

Job Description

Determines the quality of ware by inspecting bottles on lehr and light stations, making lehr cavity checks, processes limit samples through electronic FPX equipment. Performs tests such as (but not limited to) annealing, tin, bearing surface and scratch tests; keeps flow of ware going through lines.


* Inspects ware on lerhs and light stations for defects and checks physical and dimensional properties.
* Performs bottles test such as pressure and dimensional measurements per quality standards.
* Makes routine bottle inspection checks on setouts of ware and reviews automatic inspection data.
* Makes routine bottle inspection checks (sample challenge) on automatic inspection equipment.
* Observes line to ensure continual bottle flow and reports problem areas.
* Performs audits on pack ware when needed.
* Inspects ware on lehrs or light station for defects.
* Review job cards (5ups, customer complaints, etc), limit samples, cavity reports to become knowledgeable of the quality requirements of the jobs for which the employee is to be responsible.
* Make regular quality cavity checks, consisting of gauging, checking physical and dimensional properties and inspecting of bottles on assigned lehrs to determine quality level of ware.
* Inspects representative ware rejected by light inspection and automatic inspection equipment.
* Processes limit samples through electronic FP equipment, CID, CMIs, Inex and other automatic inspection equipment operating.
* Checks ware after production breaks and job changes and makes decision to start packing ware.
* Assures proper operation of automatic inspection equipment. Makes minor (cleaning, visual inspection, etc) adjustments when necessary.
* Prepares quality reports; informs Shift Foreman and Forming Department the defects found or occurring in glass.
* Completes data entry in the required information systems.
* Reports or notifies Maintenance Dept. any problems with automatic inspection machines or FPXs imbalance (alarms).
* Observes the lines assigned to insure impeded flow of bottles and corrects any conditions causing the impeded flow of same.
* Perform tests such as (but not limited to) dip and dunk, annealing and scratch test.
* Checks computer monitors of findings or type of defects being rejected by automatic inspection equipment. Confirms type of defects being rejected.
* Check cullet belts of what type of defects are being rejected.
* Cleans work area and performs housekeeping duties.
* Responsible for holding ware and issuing AVO when not meeting quality requirements.
* Responsible for culletting (CID) or dumping ware when critical defects are found. Saves the defect samples and shares information with Forming Department for correction.
* When packing in cartons, checks cartons for packers identification, proper operation of packers.
* Inspects packed ware for defects if packing in cartons.
* Performs all other duties as assigned.


* Follows all department and plant SOPs and policies.
* Complete at least 1 HAZ-ID/month, and monthly Skillsoft assignment.
* Cleans work area as part of Good Manufacturing Requirements.
* Assists and trains other team members.
* Maintains proper reports as required.

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